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Henry Fenton Represents Well-Known Dentist in Dental Board Hearing

Henry Fenton successfully represented a prominent dentist in a Dental Board hearing. The Board’s decision, completely in favor of Fenton Law Group’s client, calls for dismissal (withdrawal) of the accusation against the dentist.

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Henry Fenton Interviewed by The Legal Broadcast Network

Henry Fenton was a guest expert on The Legal Broadcast Network’s segment “Dr. Lisa Tseng, Alleged ‘Pill Mill’ Doctor, Goes on Trial for Second Degree Murder,” which examined the criminal charges against Dr. Tseng arising from her prescription of narcotic drugs. According to Henry, the case should have been pursued as a civil case instead of a murder trial, and a guilty verdict in the case may make physicians reluctant to prescribe painkillers to patients in the future.

The full segment can be viewed here.

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Legal Risks for Physicians in Today’s Healthcare Climate

Ben Fenton’s article “Legal Risks for Physicians in Today’s Healthcare Climate” appeared in the July 2015 issue of Physician Magazine. The article examines the numerous legal pitfalls that can affect physician practices, including malpractice, potential issues with employees, and financial interest disclosures.

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