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Hospice Owner Receives License After Retaining Firm

Fenton Law Group represented a hospice proprietor who was initially denied a hospice license. After being denied the license, the proprietor retained Fenton Law Group to work with the State of California to expedite the license reapplication process, and the firm’s attorneys were successful...

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Fenton Law Group Successfully Settles Health and Safety Code Section 1278.5 Case

Fenton Law Group, on behalf of an emergency room physician, filed a lawsuit for violations of Health and Safety Code Section 1278.5 (complaining of illegal retaliation because of complaints relating to quality of care) and unfair business practices against a hospital network. The firm’s att...

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Fenton Law Group Successfully Represents Optometrist Client

Before moving to file a formal lawsuit, Fenton Law Group successfully settled a dispute between an optometrist client, alleging wrongful termination of employment and staff privileges, and a large medical group for a large settlement amount, which is confidential pursuant to the settlement terms....

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